Coming to a Landfill Near You – Ballasted Solar system fixed tilt racking system. 

Sustainable Technologies ballasted racking is ideal for solid waste landfills, brownfields and other location where penetrations are prohibited to the soil. Capped landfill and contaminated sites often seek non-penetrable solutions. The ground-mounted SOLWAY G2 is a ballasted system that firmly secures your racking system to the earth. The ranking system is cast-in-place with concrete. The concrete forms are reusable and adjustable to meet slope. This is a viable alternative to driven or screwed foundations. The SOLWAY G2 stands out. Our ballasted landfill ground mounted system SolWay GM2 requires the least amount of ballasts per MegaWatt. It has the widest span per ballast while maximizing the number of solar panels, which brings the cost of installation down considerably.

​Another way SolWay GM2 stands out is that the racking is the easiest to panelize with robotic PV installation. Panelizing PV can be the costly and this technique will save on labor cost. Robots are used to do the heavy lifting of the solar panels and can shuttle panels to their installation at a rate of 10 mph. We can install power plants 20 times faster than traditional methods.


​You have Leachate and need to remove it, and you have no power, it a common issue an here is a renewable solution. The Varisun pump controller solves these challenges. It allows you to run any 3 phase pump on DC power. Our controller works at higher GPM than most solar pumps. Solar leachate pumping lowers the cost of maintenance of running diesel generators. Installing grid power is costly, and takes months. We are your off-grid solar pumping experts.


Do you have volatile vapors in your landfill? Our Solar Soil vapor extraction operates directly with the sun. No more hassle trying to bring power to remote sides of a capped landfill. No need for a diesel-powered generator that requires maintenance. Our SVE systems are completely off-grid and are available for multiple vacuums such as 80 , 135, LV250, MV250, & 340 CFM. Once extracted your vapors follow your off-gas treatment process. Off-grid systems utilize the power from the solar pods that are perfect for landfills, abandoned mines and rural areas without electricity. With an extensive background in environmental construction and solar contracting, Sustainable Technologies is capable of performing all facets of your project. We’ll handle permitting, electrical drawings design and engineering. Our staff can provide a cost-saving turn-key solution for your renewable energy project. Space is paramount when deciding where to install a solar PV system in our community. Under the Re-Powering initiative, the U.S. EPA is encouraging the use of formerly contaminated land, such as landfills, brownfields and mine sites for development, which will better utilize open space and generate renewable energy, income, and jobs for the community