VariSun™ Solar Powered Vapor Extraction Systems

​Solar Solutions featuring VariSun™ 3-phase solar controllers from Sustainable Technologies can help you harness the sun for clean, economical remediation and provide a solution for remote remediation where power is too costly for test and deployment. Complete modular mobile solar pump systems come in a variety of sizes.

​VariSun™ solar controllers can turn any three-phase electric pump into a solar pump. Pump water from any location with direct solar power. Systems ship ready to connect to your pump. The system is scalable from 2 HP to 100 HP. When replacing a diesel pump, the complete system usually pays for itself within two years. No more fueling, no more noise, no more pollution. No more air board permits. Best of all, no grid and batteries to hassle with! Just clean, free power from the sun. 



Solar Air Sparge System - Comes with remote on/off, cellular telemetry system that can monitor pressure, flow and operation time and adjust speed. This is the same system used at NASA Kennedy Space Center. Monthly rental: $1,900 - $3,200 depending on rental length and pressure requirements
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3 - 6 kW Solar Power Pods with Battery Backup - $1950 - $2300/mo
These power pods features an LG Chem 9.8 kWh 400v Lithium Ion battery, PV optimizer, Solar Edge Storedge Inverter and power distribution all mounted on a mobile 3 kW mobile Solar Power Pod, the unit comes equipped with a security camera, wi-fi internet, 120v and 240v power. The Power Pod operates 24/7 by charging during the day and works continuously in the evening. Ideal for powering equipment in remote locations.
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1 KW Power Pod - $550/mo
This 1KW off-grid Solar Power Pod with Battery Storage generates enough electricity to power a small office, computers, printers, and lights. Comes with inverter and four 6v deep-cycle batteries to operate 24-7. Oversized to meet the load even on multiple overcast days. Use for emergency back up power out in the field.
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VS-SVE06-LV 250 cfm VariSun Soil Vapor Extraction System - $3200/mo
The SVE is mounted inside the self-standing solar pod. Two 3 KW pod can run a 250 cfm, 110 (in H20), 6.2 HP, 240 VAC, 3 phase blower. The pod wings fold down for transportation allowing the systems to be shipped or to be transported and deploy on a flatbed trailer.


  • Vapor Extraction Systems are self-contained
  • The 3HP System is one pod, the 5HP system has two pods
  • The system can be transported on a flatbed trailer
  • The systems come with vacuum and flow transmitters for optional remote monitoring
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Green Remediation Systems
These systems available for rent now. Once on site, get set up in a couple of hours. No other equipment required. They generate their own energy, which means no utility bills or fuel costs to worry about. Systems remain on, even during blackouts. Zero emissions, clean green remediation.


The Benefits of Varisun Solar Power Systems

Reliability: Clean, off-grid 3-phase pump power with zero emissions, meet ASTM E2893 best management practices for greener cleanups.

Flexibility: Use for irrigation, potable water, GWTS, air sparge, vapor extraction & industrial wells

Customization: Create a modular, scalable solution to meet your exact needs

Mobility: Skid-mounted systems anywhere you need pumping power

Economy: Affordable rental rates for site remediation

Utility: Harness direct solar, with no grid, no batteries, no pollution, no noise

Capability: Pump up to 70,000 gal/day or 70 CFM with 3HP pump. Options include level controls, flowmeter, telemetry and control logic.

Savings: Use free, clean energy without tying to the grid or using expensive, dirty diesel. Purchased systems eligible for 30% federal tax credit


​Price Range: $1,900 – $3,200 /month, depending on size of system. Delivery and setup available. 6 months minimum rental with purchase option. For shorter rental periods, please contact us.