VariSun Solar Powered Vapor Extraction System

Our proprietary VariSun Mobile Solar System offers a clean, cost effective solution to power extraction and injection remediation equipment. The Varisun Solar Control System from Sustainable Technologies provides power for any 3-phase motor. Our third-generation Varisun Direct Solar Remediation System can operate extraction, injection or pumping systems without grid or generator power. These systems are ideal for sites where power is unavailable, too costly or takes too long to get service. Since the mobile systems are free-standing, a building permit isn’t required in most cases, further reducing deployment time and cost. The VariSun Remediation system will run at full speed during peak hours of the day. The rest of the day it will operate flow, vacuum or pressure that matches energy production.

Our control system simultaneously senses the energy available and the load of the motor. The VariSun control adjusts the blower accordingly. Power point tracking optimizes the efficiency of the VariSun Control to maximize motor production with varying sunlight.


These Solar systems are self-contained; they’re ready to operate upon delivery with minimal setup. Our line of Vapor Extraction and Air Sparge Systems are also modular. They come in 3 HP, 5 HP, 7.5 HP and 10 HP. The systems are integrated into power pods with ten solar panels. The vapor extraction air sparge systems are mounted inside the self-standing solar pod. One 3 KW pod can run a 3 HP, 240 VAC, 3-phase blower. The pod’s solar wings fold down for easier shipping, and it can be deployed on a flatbed trailer.

Both the Vapor Extraction and Air Sparge come with Gardner-Denver Regenerative blowers; a steel 40-gallon water Vapor-Liquid Separator (Knock-out) tank with level switches, and a four-well manifold. The Air Sparge Systems use a rotary claw blower for efficiency and reliability. The custom manifold includes rotor meters, valves and pressure indicators.


Our solar remediation systems meet the “Principles for Greener Cleanups” by providing cleanup that protects the environment while minimizing the environmental footprint. Sustainable Technologies’ systems follow the “Standard Guide to Green Cleanups” (ASTM E2893) by using the core elements: renewable energy; energy efficiency; reduced land and air impact; and reduced waste.

A telemetry package automatically collects data, status, and measurements that can be communicated to you and your client via email, text or web browser. A multitude of sensors are available for flow, vacuum, pressure, totals and depth.


Additionally, Sustainable Technologies has a rental fleet that is ideal for tests since it can be deployed as soon as the client is ready. We’ve combined our years of experience building solar and remediation systems to create a solution that’s fast to deploy, cost-effective, simple and reliable. We design and build the systems and customize them to fit your project site.

Contact us today for a quote on your next project. Rentals available.

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