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Get Funding for a Solar Pumping System

Sustainable Technologies is looking for farmers that have operating Diesel AG Pumps that want to convert to Solar Electric pumps.  The Diesel AG pumps need to be registered with the Air District or be under 50HP to qualify.  The 65% of the conversion costs can be funded by the Air District’s Carl Moyers program.  The Program covers the pump and Solar system procurement and the installation costs  The Solar PV System also qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit.

The Diesel AG Pump conversion to Solar Electric Pump could pay for itself in less than one year.  Our VariSun Direct Solar  Pumping Systems run all 3 phase well or surface pumps. Best of all the operating cost of the solar pumping system is ZERO!  The air emissions and the noise are ZERO too!

Call us at (510) 523-1122 or email us at info@sustainabletech.cc   www.sustech.cc