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Energy Efficiency on the Farm

energy efficiency

Background: Full Belly Farm is a 350 acre certified organic farm in Capay Valley, CA. They provide over 80 different crops to stores, local farmers markets and through their CSA delivery service year-round. In addition to this they also host several events and educational programs on the farm.

Challenge: Farming year-round and managing large harvests requires working around the clock, early in the morning and into the evening. The farm was experiencing high energy bills for lighting and cooling.

Solution & Benefits: Sustainable Technologies performed an energy efficiency audit and installed energy efficient equipment and lighting in the coolers and warehouse area. This resulted in an 80% reduction of their electrical bill and a 68% reduction in cooling costs. The lighting in the work areas is much improved and the lights are long lasting, which makes it a good investment. Sustainable Technologies was able to navigate the utility rebate process to find just the right items to fit their needs at the best price. Applying energy efficiency measures is like picking the low-hanging fruit off the tree. Now Full Belly Farm can plant the savings right back into their business.