VS-AS06 VariSun Air Sparge System

VS-AS06 VariSun Air Sparge System

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Solar Pumping System

VS-AS06 57 cfm VariSun Air Sparge System

The Varisun Solar Remediation Systems work with direct solar energy. This solar powered air-sparge system is self-contained and ready to run upon delivery. The total set-up is just 2 to 3 hours. Our line of Air Sparge systems is modular come in various sizes depending on amount of pressure and flow desired.

Standard Equipment:
2 – Pods / Self-standing skid
20-300 Watt SolarWorld solar panels
1- Busch 1144BP Rotary Claw Compressor, 7.1 HP , 240 VAC, 3 Phase motor
57cfm @ 31 psi max.
1- Air filter , Pressure Relief Valve, Temperature gauge
1- Digital display flowmeter
Fully automatic control Panel

The Air Sparge Units are mounted inside the Self standing solar pod. Two-3 KW pod will run the 57cfm, 31 psi, 7.1 HP, 240 VAC, 3 Phase blower. The pod wings fold down for transportation allowing the systems to be shipped or to be transported and deploy on flatbed trailer.

Optional Equipment:
-Individual well rotometer
– Telemetry- flow and pressure
– Remote ON and OFF
– Hybrid On and OFF grid operation
See: – 57 cfm, 31 psi direct Solar AS.pdf

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