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Our Team

Our Team

The Sustech team shares the common goal of improving the urban and rural environment by creating reliable and effective sustainable energy solutions. Each member has a multi-disciplinary background with the skills and expertise to provide high quality environmental services to all of our Clients. Our team member’s background and qualifications in the Solar & Remediation industries include:

The Principal
el pauji solar installation

Ernesto Montenero

  • 20 years operating a remediation & solar company
  • 30 Years Experience Electrical Design & Installation, Environmental Restoration & Construction
  • 20 years Experience Building Groundwater Treatment Systems
  • Solid Waste Program Designer, City of Guayana, Venezuela
  • Electrical Controls Design
  • Certified Permaculture Designer
  • 29 CFR OSHA Certified
  • B.S. Environmental Science, Technology, and Management
  • Certified Electrician
  • License Contractor General Engineering A and Electrical C-10, HazMat, HIC. Lic. # 772329
  • Energy Efficiency Auditor
  • NABCEP certified

Our Crew

Experienced and safe construction specialists in underground excavation, plumbing, electrical, digging, logistics, equipment operation, procurement, mechanical repairs and concrete finishing. 40hr HAZWOPER, LPS

Administrative Staff
Our administrative team includes knowledgeable people who provide exceptional administrative service, design and marketing.