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Methane Digesters

Methane Digester

Biomass, derived from organic matter, is a great renewable energy source. Since 2003 it has been the most widely used renewable energy source in the United States. Through various processes, organic matter is converted to energy, heat and fuel. The most sustainable process involves converting existing waste material to biogas. By not generating more waste material for the biogas and using existing resources, we can prevent excess carbon emissions such as methane from entering the earth’s atmosphere and avoid the destruction of nature through deforestation and stressing food crop supplies.

Sustainable Technologies has developed an Anaerobic Digester System that harvests the energy from manure to methane for commercial and agricultural applications. Methane Digesters can provide heat and electricity to power itself and your appliances, office, farm and stables. This is a renewable form of green energy that does not contribute to global warming and therefore is an environmentally friendly option. Other by-products of Biodigestion are digestates which can be used to add to your compost or fertilize the farm.

Methane Digester

Turn Waste Streams into Green Energy!