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Keeping the Farm Cool with Solar

How do you stay cool in the summer heat? With Solar + Storage! At Full Belly Farm, we built a Solar+Storage system that is providing energy to an off-grid farm office.  The 3.75 KW+ 10 kWh storage system runs the AC unit all day in the 100 degree Central Valley heat. During the day, the solar provides power and charges the battery. In the evening, the battery power takes over. No need to worry about blackouts or outages.


We are very excited to announce that the California Energy Commission awarded not just one, but two of our Solar projects with a REAP grant! We are working with Full Belly Farm and OYA Organics, both Certified Organic Farms, in designing & developing their solar projects, applying for the grant, and acquiring the necessary permits. Stay tuned!


Don’t miss the Hoes Down Harvest Festival at Full Belly Farm, Saturday October 5th!

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