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Summer Innovations

Announcing a new feature on our VariSun Systems!

Lots of good things are happening at Sustainable Technologies this Summer!

The interest and adoption of our VariSun Solar Remediation Systems is picking up!  We have added new features, including the ability to check and adjust the pump controller remotely!  The built in cellular controller is very powerful, allowing a large number of sensors to be connected and monitored in addition to the pump controller.

Just this month we have built 3 Mobile Solar Remediation systems. One 7.5 HP Groundwater extraction and 4 well injection system and 2 Solar SVE systems.  One SVE system has a 250 cfm 124” of water blower and the other is a 100 cfm 3 HP blower system.  Our Solar SVE, AS and GW systems are self-contained and easy to setup.  The VariSun GW extraction and injection system has 5 analog flow meters and 5 pressure transmitters; one electrical conductivity meter and a well level pressure transmitter.  All the sensors can be logged online.  A security system that includes 2 web cameras were added to this unit as well, made to order.

Remediation Experts

We are installing several sub slab venting systems thought out the SF Bay Area. For all these systems, we work with the consultant every step of the way!

Our installation system minimizes the impact on the building tenants by going from the SSD point directly vertical to the roof. With over 20 years of expertise in the remediation industry, we save you time and money.


SURF is the Sustainable Remediation Forum a group that is bringing forward tools to reduce the impact of remediation.  We encourage remediation professionals to join SURF and subscribe to their newsletter.  The technical papers; case studies; and information will further your remediation career while reducing the impact of remediation on our environment. SURF sponsored the AEHS WEST conference in the spring.  Their Sustainable Remediation track included presentations of sites that had VariSun SVE systems.  You can read more in the SURF Newsletter.