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Sustainable Technologies’ Remote Solar Power System with Energy Storage

3kW Solar Power Pod with Storage

Now is the time to achieve energy independence with a standalone off-grid power system with energy storage. Do you need electricity where it is unavailable? Sustainable Technologies can bring the power to your location with one unique innovative solution. The unit combines renewable production and storage to create a multi-use power station to meet your needs. We help customer’s challenging remote power needs with engineered and innovative solutions. Our pods are a self-contained 3kW system. They are modular and can be linked together for more power. Every power unit is customizable for a variety of preferences and power requirements.

The Remote Power Pod is affordable when comparing the cost to install a new electrical service. The cost of a generator can add up from fuel costs, maintenance, and service, not to mention the noise and pollution. The cost and process for pulling an electrical permit can be daunting and require multiple visits for approval. The remote power pod system requires minimal setup costs and effort.

Inverter and Energy Storage System

The power pod is equipped with the Solar Edge DC-AC PV inverter and the LG Chem Battery 9.8 kWh Lithium-Ion battery. We utilize the Solar Edge DC-AC PV inverter is specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimizers. The optimizers maximize energy output for each module. Because MPPT and voltage management are handled separately for each module by the power optimizer, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. The Solar Edge inverter works with the LG Chem RESU Energy Storage System which has a 9.8Kwhr battery that recharges each day automatically, which allows your site to continue operating after the sun has gone down. The mobile application allows you to monitor the production and storage of power from your phone.


System interfaces with cloud providing you with real-time data on your multiple sensors. Multiple sensors and inputs options are available including temperature, flow sensor, light sensor, and pressure sensor and transducer. Multiple sensors and inputs can be added to monitor conditions with system updates emailed daily. Alarm parameters can be set up in the Solar Edge Monitoring portal. The cellular connection allows you to be onsite while still in your office. Allows you to be connected anywhere in the world at any time on multiple devices. Our power supply is ensured limited downtime and maximizes continuous recording.

Power Pod

The fourth generation of the power pod structural system is a proven design with structural engineered drawings. Our power pod is a 10Kw portable unit with 10 panels on each pod. Our unique design allows for a small balanced footprint. The array folds into itself with 4 panels folding up and 2 panels folding out. Our units can be transported and delivered using standard shipping means saving you time and money. The units can quickly be moved using a forklift. Our power pods are readily deployable. Units are prefabricated and open up to a broad array within a minimal assembly. The only tools required to open up the solar array is a socket wrench, ladder and two additional pairs of hands. The setup is straight forward and deployable within a few minutes.



Our remote power systems are durable and built to last. Field tested in harsh conditions and high wind rated when anchored correctly. In 2018 our powers system survived Hurricane Florence. A unit in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune near Jacksonville underwent a direct hit. The unit was prepared by folding down and anchored; the power pod withstood the hurricane force winds up to 160mph.


Varisun Hybrid Systems

Sustainable Technologies provides a full range of remote power systems. Including Hybrid power systems; with Lion –Ion Storage coupled with Varisun motor controls to run your equipment. Whether it is a few amps all day or a large motor, Varisun motor controller can run your 3 phase motor with DC power. By integrating the Remote Power system with a Varisun controller, you can run motors during the day and into the night. Varisun can run any 3 phase motor whether it’s for irrigation pumping, vapor extraction, Dual Phase, Soil bioventing, vapor mitigation system, aerator, sparging, and groundwater treatment system and or water filtration.

Our power systems products can be purchased or rented and be integrated to power your system. Our experienced staff can help you to determine your load and the best system that meets or exceeds your goals.


Built-in WI-FI Hot Spot and Security

The power pod comes equipped with two cellular connections – one for the inverter and the other for Wi-Fi hot spot and videos surveillance cameras. The cameras provide real-time video streaming and recording. Motion detection recording alerts users or activities. Security cameras record on and off-site in the cloud for over 30 days. The camera operates on stored battery power during the night.

Multiple Applications

Remediation -Our solar powered remediation system with soil vapor extraction, groundwater treatment system.

Communications – Wi-Fi Hotspot, internet, satellite connectivity, cellular service and much more.

Agricultural – Water pumping systems, irrigation, pond aeration, tile drain pumping, and livestock pumping, poultry cooling, disaster recovery systems, and emergency communication power.

Special Events & Retail Kiosk  – With the battery backup, the units can power retail, concessions, and special events.

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