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Varisun Solar Pump

We packaged a 7.5 HP 3Phase submersible pump and its electrical leads with our 6Kw (2 Pod) Varisun system. The system can pump up to 60 gallons per minute when there is available sunlight. Like all our systems it is completely customizable to fit your site applications. This one was outfitted with 12 sensors and web based telemetry. We are thrilled to announce that the remote controls now extend to changes within the Solar pump Inverter, like running frequency and water level set points. This system has LED lights and motion activated cameras that operate 24/7.

The VariSun systems work with direct solar energy. These solar systems are self-contained; they are ready to run upon delivery. The total set-up is just 2 to 3 hours. Our line of pumping systems is modular come in various sizes depending on amount of water pumped and head required.

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