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Solar Pumping System

VS-P50-GM 50 HP Varisun Solar Pumping System – Runs any 240/480 VAC, 3 phase pump or fan. Ballasted ground mount racking.

This is a 54 KW VariSun direct solar ballasted ground mounted 50 HP pumping system. The VariSun Direct Solar Pumping System will run ANY 50 HP, 240/480 VAC, 3PH irrigation pump modulating the pump speeds according to the amount of energy available at any given time. 180- 300 watt U.S. made solar panel system in conjunction with the VariSun control system will provide about 9 Hours of usable pumping in the summer months. The VariSun Solar Pumping Systems are expandable to any size pump from 3 HP to 200HP.

This VariSun Direct Solar Pumping System powering a 50 HP electric centrifugal or submersible well pump will replace a 65 to 100 HP diesel centrifugal pump. The savings in operating costs are big when comparing diesel to solar. The CA Air Resources Board Carl Moyer Program will pay 65% of the project costs to replace diesel irrigation pumps with a solar zero emissions pump. The zero emission pumping system will irrigate your orchard at no annual operating costs. The investment will pay for itself in 2 to 4 years.

This system can be sold as a kit and shipped to you for self-installation. A complete building permit package for processing with the local building department will be provided. Sustainable Technologies will furnish The Brittmore Solway II Ballasted Ground Mount racking.

ST can provide the cost of the turn-key system; Or the system can be purchased as a kit for self-installation. We will work with you every step of the way. This solar pumping system qualifies for the USDA Renewable Energy for America Program. The REAP program grant provides 25% of the total project costs to farmers and rural business.

The panel installation, the VariSun pump control panel and all the wiring necessary to complete the system will be performed by our experienced crew to make sure the system functions as it was designed.

The VariSun Solar Pump system can provide power and integrate with the irrigation controller and irrigation valves by including a 24 volts charging system. The pump will turn of and off according to the irrigation schedule.

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