3 HP Varisun

3 HP Varisun

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VS-P03-PP. 3 HP Varisun Solar Pumping System

The 3 Phase Off-grid VariSun Solar Pumping System is a cost-effective solution that allows you to take advantage of the power and efficiency of a 3 phase motor using direct solar power.

Sustainable Technologies off-grid pumping systems operate anywhere. The Sustainable Technologies VariSun Solar Pumping System provides the power to pump using standard 3 phase motors.

The VariSun power pods are self-contained coming ready to pump after the initial setup that takes about one hour per pods. The VariSun system is scalable starting at 3 HP. Technically the system can run any size pump, but after 10 HP it is more cost effective to connect to the grid if possible, so solar power credit will be received when the pump is not running.

The 3 KW power pods are foldable so that the pods can be transported on standard trailers or trucks. This allows us to ship the system fully operational anywhere in the USA.

The Sustainable Technologies VariSun Solar Pumping System varies the speed of the irrigation pump according to the available solar power. The more energy available the harder the pump runs.

The VariSun 3 phase direct solar systems work well-running greenhouse cooling fans. The VariSun system will run the fans faster during the hot sunny summer afternoons. A single system can run multiple fans.

Other VariSun applications include tile drain dewatering pumps, pond aeration systems, and warehouse circulating fans. Our off-grid systems provide security, flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness by being able to order a product that is ready to go and can provide power to any of your 3 phase motors.

All of our Grid-tied/off systems come with:
3 Year Product Warranty
25 Year Solar Module Warranty

We look forward to working with you on this great investment Renewable Energy Solution.

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