Varisun 2-3HP

2 HP to 3 HP Tile Drain VariSun Direct Solar Pumping System

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Solar tile-drain systems

2 HP to 3 HP Tile Drain VariSun Direct Solar Pumping System

The VariSun Solar Pumping System works with direct solar energy. These solar tile drain systems are self-contained; they are ready to run upon delivery. The total set-up is just 2 to 3 hours. Our line of tile drain systems is modular and comes in various sizes depending on the amount of pumping required.

Standard Equipment:
1 – Solar Power Pod / Self-standing skids 10-300 Watt SolarWorld solar panels
1.- Goulds or Grundfos centrifugal 240 VAC, 3 Phase pump
200 gpm @ 40 ft of head.
1- Tank high float switch.
1.- Fully automatic control Panel

The Centrifugal pump is mounted inside the self-standing solar pod. The 3 kW pod can be mounted on top of the tile drain. The centrifugal pump will be a 2 HP 240 VAC, 3 Phase Pump. The pod wings fold down for transportation allowing the systems to be shipped or to be transported and deploy on a flatbed trailer.

These systems are ideal for sites when power is unavailable or where it’s too costly or takes too long to get service. Since the systems are mobile and self-contained; a building permit is not required in most cases; further reducing the deployment time and cost.

Our Control system senses the energy available and the work that the pump is doing. The VariSun controls adjust the pump speed accordingly. The VariSun Tile Drain systems operate 10 to 12 hours per day in the summer months. About 6 hours the system will run at full speed; the rest of the time at partial flow.

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