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Clean Harbors is a leading environmental, energy and industrial service company with over 35 years in business and a network of over 400 service locations in North America and growing. This particular Clean Harbors location is about 5,000 sq ft. It requires a lot of lighting and the electrical bills were quite high. To keep expenses down a solution was needed.
Sustainable Technologies performed an energy efficiency audit and installed 176 LED fixtures, 25 pole mounted lights, 41 office troffers with motion sensors, 23 bathroom fixtures, 11 lab surface fixtures and vapor tight fixtures outdoors. The outdoor fixtures increased the lighting while saving 66% of the energy usage.
By switching to LEDs, the company will reduce energy consumption by 66%, saving $15,500 a year. The lights themselves are expected to last beyond 100,000 hours (11 years) which makes it an excellent investment. The payback is 4 years or less, and qualifies for a 26% federal tax credit. The new lighting has improved safety, morale and productivity of the employees. 
In 2016, Sustainable Technologies installed energy efficiency lighting at the Clean Harbors Lenfest Rd. facility which received an award for the Highest Percentage of Annual Savings for Troffer Lighting Retrofits - Medium Project from the DOE Interior Lighting Campaign.

<![CDATA[RIDE 4 A REASON]]>Wed, 20 Apr 2022 18:10:07 GMThttp://sustech.cc/blog/ride-4-a-reasonErnesto Montenero of Sustainable Technologies will be participating in Ride 4 a Reason, an annual ride from Oakland to Sacramento on April 23rd. R4R is a fundraiser for schools in Oakland and Alameda.  Click here to donate and be a glimmer of hope!

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This 6 kW VS - SVE - 200cfm Trailer is our most mobile off-Grid Soil Vapor Extraction System.  It is a self-contained and self-standing turn-key remediation system ready to run on delivery.  This SVE trailer has 12 - 420w Mission Solar panels making it a 6KW power generator that runs the blowers with the available sun light. Deployment only takes a few minutes with its built-in winch.  A jack at every corner of the trailer gives the system stability. This particular system has a 5 well manifold and two blowers with a blower selector switch to run either High Vacuum or High flow depending on site conditions.  Online monitoring and data recording helps save time and money on operating costs.  
Standard Equipment:
  • Busch 1102BV Vacuum Pump
  • 135 CFM @ 27in. of Hg
  • Pentair SST55 6.2 HP
  •  High Efficiency SST55 Blower, 200cfm @ 90 in. of Water
  • Custom powder-coated Steel water Knock out tank with high level alarm
  • Digital display flowmeter
  • Digital display vacuum sensor
  • Fully automatic control Panel
  • Telemetry- flow and vacuum
  • Remote ON and OFF
<![CDATA[Save Our solar Jobs]]>Fri, 14 Jan 2022 22:20:23 GMThttp://sustech.cc/blog/save-our-solar-jobs
The California Public Utilities Commission is proposing a $57 per month solar tax for people who install solar panels on their rooftops. This would adversely affect the solar industry and the environment. Let's let our leaders know that we need more  solar and clean, green, renewable energy, not less.
<![CDATA[22 YeARS IN BusINESS!]]>Tue, 02 Nov 2021 17:59:57 GMThttp://sustech.cc/blog/22-years-in-business
Sustainable Technologies is celebrating 22 Years of providing quality environmental service and renewable energy at Alameda Point. This is a milestone for a small, minority-owned green business! We would like to take the time to thank you for your ongoing support! Together, we are working toward a more sustainable future for our planet.
<![CDATA[Save California Solar]]>Sat, 30 Oct 2021 15:14:02 GMThttp://sustech.cc/blog/save-california-solar
Utility companies are currently lobbying the CA Public Utilities Commission to add a $65-90 monthly solar penalty fee on solar customers energy bills and drastically reduce the credit they receive for selling the excess energy they produce. We believe that solar power should be more affordable and accessible in order for us to meet our clean energy goals for a more sustainable future. Please make your voice heard by signing the petition.
sign the petition
<![CDATA[Sustainable PLANET]]>Tue, 12 Oct 2021 17:04:45 GMThttp://sustech.cc/blog/sustainable-planetMap of Cleanups
Operating in Alameda for over two decades, we have been cleaning up sites all over Northern California and now shipping our remediation systems nationwide to help with cleanups across the country. We have contributed to the cleanup at Alameda Point and are dedicated to green remediation and reducing our carbon footprint. As a certified Green Business, we are committed to our green goals throughout our business. 

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Sustainable Technologies is committed to protecting our natural resources for a sustainable planet. Here are some of the things that we do to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.
Build a Planter Box of Scrap Wood
Recycling and Reuse
Our company recycles all recyclable material, including scrap metal. By recycling we keep over 2,400 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere per year. Our goal is to use less plastic and zero waste. We reuse the wood that we use in building concrete forms. Here is a plan for building large wood planters like the ones we use for our trees.
Download >

Pedal Powered Planet
Bike Friendly Business
Many of our employees bike to work and enjoy cycling as a healthy recreational activity and sport. We are a certified Bike Friendly Business with the League of American Bicyclists. Our company is a proud sponsor of Team Oakland Cycling and participates in local events. We support our local bike coalitions and help fund transportation alternatives locally. By cycling to work, each person keeps approximately 2600 lbs. of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere annually. That’s like planting 86 trees! We also carpool and use a hybrid vehicle for light trips. By taking Fridays off of site work, we will reduce even more and help ease traffic congestion.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
We have installed award-winning Energy Efficient retrofits and Renewable Energy Systems at several businesses and farms to help them save on energy costs. At our own location we have achieved a 79% reduction on our utility bills by installing energy efficient lighting in our facility and continue to monitor and streamline our usage. Our office runs on solar power with a battery backup. Having an off-grid mobile unit is handy in case of emergency power outages. We design and install solar PV systems on and off-grid in order to promote clean and renewable energy.
Ebmud Watersmart
Water Smart Business
We have been certified as a Water Smart Business by Ebmud since 2019, recognized as saving hundreds of gallons of water per year. We have implemented water saving retrofits throughout our building and installed a grey water system to feed several trees in front of our building which attracts birds and pollinators to Alameda Point.

Donations to Sustainable Organizations
In our commitment to support our community we donate to local organizations that help the community and the environment.