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Remediation Projects

Green Remediation Alameda Point

Location: Alameda, CA 

System: Installation of an off-grid AS-SVE system

for groundwater treatment operations on the former
Naval Base
Date: Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
Client: Tetratech and U.S. Navy
Case Study: Case Study Green Remediation

Additional Sites at Alameda Point: Navy cleans long-gone gas stations

remediation Leviathan Mine

Location: Alpine, CA
System: Installation of an off-grid hybrid electrical
power generation system for groundwater treatment operations
at a Region 9 superfund site.
Date: Nov 2007
Client: Amec Geomatrix & EPA

remediation San Carlos
Location: 1098 El Camino Real
System: Dual Phase Treatment
Date: July 2008
Client: CRA / Shell

remediation Rohnert Park

Location: 5750 Commerce Blvd.
System: Multi-Phase Extraction
Date: Jan 2009
Client:Cameron-Cole / Safety Kleen

remediation Pittsburg

Location: 3590 Railroad Ave.
System: Ground Water Treatment System
Date: March 2009
Client: CRA / Linscheid Superior Car Wash

remediation Woodland

Location: 45332 County Road 25, Woodland, CA
System: Oxidizer Installation, Dual Phase Extraction
Date: March 2009
Client: CRA / Conoway Ranch

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