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With the increase in the cost of electric power for the AG sector, it’s more important and cost effective than ever to use energy more efficiently. Two areas where lots of energy is being used are pumping and refrigeration. We can look at your farm operations to see where most of the energy is consumed and how much money can be saved by making energy efficiency upgrades. Keep in mind that 85% of the cost of pump or compressor is not the purchase cost but the energy that they use in their life time.

Pumping Systems Efficiency Studies – Is your pumping system working harder than necessary? Can the pump run using less energy? Does it make sense to upgrade the delivery system? Can adding controls save you money? These questions can be answered with a pumping system analysis. We can tell you how much energy if any can be saved and how fast the investment will be paid off. Some factors that will affect the pumping efficiency are: a worn impeller, an underperforming motor, throttling valves and improper pipe sizing.

The addition of pump controls can increase the efficiency of the system as a whole. Throttling the pump speed using a Variable Frequency Drive can save lots of energy.

Pump Specification – We can work with you in picking a pump that will save energy and save you money over time.

What are your cooling costs? – Using the latest GreenWize products, we can help streamline your operating costs and give you the power to manage your energy efficiently. This is beneficial to businesses in high demand charge or Time-Of-Use billing zones and those that use walk-in cooler refrigeration.
GreenWize Convenience Store Example
GreenWize Convenience Store Case Study

Farm Energy Efficiency Phase I Studies – This audit identifies gross waste and includes a quick interview, energy audit, energy bill analysis and walk-through.

Farm Energy Efficiency Phase II Studies – A more detailed energy audit where the systems will be tested and measured. A comprehensive report of the possible upgrades that includes costs, savings and paybacks will be presented.

Water Conservation – Options include variable speed controllers (VFD), flow meters interconnected to VFDs, moisture sensor control systems, design and fabrication of pumping systems control panels.

Solar Pumping Systems for Direct Solar and Grid-tied Systems – Sustainable Technologies designs and builds solar energy systems that are tailored to your particular farm’s needs. Our 3 Phase VariSun™ Direct solar Pumping systems are ideal for dewatering fields using a self-priming centrifugal pump. In Brentwood, California a farmer is pumping 100gpm with a 3 HP, 3 Phase VariSun Pumping Solar System.

• The energy efficiency audit, upgrades and renewable energy systems qualify for a 25% USDA REAP grant and 30% federal tax credit

• The Energy Efficiency qualifies for PG&E financing!

• A VFD upgrade also qualifies for PG&E energy efficiency rebates. Micro Sprayers qualify for rebates. Energy efficiency projects usually payback in 2 to 3 years!

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farm services



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