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VariSun Solar Pumping Systems


Power any 3-phase pump with solar pumping systems by Sustainable Technologies

Solar solutions featuring VariSun™ controls from Sustainable Technologies are a good investment for Agriculture operations looking to save money and meet AB 32 emissions mandates. Whether you’re involved with crops, dairy or livestock, Sustech can help you harness the sun for clean, economical solutions.


Pump anywhere with clean, sustainable solar power



The VariSun™ controller lets you use direct solar energy to power any three-phase pump. It’s perfect for running pumps for livestock or irrigation in remote locations that aren’t practical for grid-tied power, while also eliminating the need for costly and polluting diesel generators.

VariSun™ solar power systems


• Use for irrigation, potable water & agricultural wells
• Obtain scalable and customizable solutions to meet your needs
• Achieve payback in 1-2 years when replacing diesel
• Utilize direct solar: No grid, no batteries, no pollution, no noise
• Pump 70,000 gal/day with 3hp pump
• Meet AB 32 emissions mandates
• Qualify for federal incentives such as REAP and state incentives such as the California Air District’s Carl Moyer Program

This 8 kW system is running a 5hp 3-phase pump directly at Casa Rosa Farms.


228 kW Solar Pumping System in Montague


95kW Solar Pumping System for Big Springs Irrigation District


For more information on VariSun™ controls and solar-powered solutions from Sustainable Technologies, contact us at (510) 523-1122 or email us at VariSun@sustainabletech.cc.