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Solar Ballasts

Sustainable Technologies is an experienced ground-mounted solar PV designer and installer in Northern California. Our solar ballasted cast-in-place system is a cost savings for unique site conditions. Our ballasted systems are ideal for solar landfills, rocky soil conditions, corrosive soils or high water tables sites. This is a viable alternative to driven or screwed foundations where the cost of refusal can be expensive or direct push is not an option.

The SolWay GM2 Ballasted PV Ground Mount was developed with Brittmore Group and Sustainable Technologies. The SolWay GM2 requirse the least amount of ballasts per MW and has the widest span per ballast while maximizing the number of solar panels.

Sustainable Technologies is capable of performing all facets your project. With 20 years of experience in environmental construction and solar contracting, we’ll handle permitting, electrical drawings design and engineering. Our staff can provide a cost-saving turn-key solution for your renewable energy project.