Operating in Alameda for over two decades, we have been cleaning up sites all over Northern California and now shipping our remediation systems nationwide to help with cleanups across the country. We have contributed to the cleanup at Alameda Point and are dedicated to green remediation and reducing our carbon footprint. As a certified Green Business, we are committed to our green goals throughout our business.


Reduce Greenhouse Gases


Sustainable Technologies is committed to protecting our natural resources for a sustainable planet. Here are some of the things that we do to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Recycling and Reuse
Our company recycles all recyclable material, including scrap metal. By recycling we keep over 2,400 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere per year. Our goal is to use less plastic and zero waste. We reuse the wood that we use in building concrete forms. Here is a plan for building large wood planters like the ones we use for our trees.
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Bike Friendly Business

Many of our employees bike to work and enjoy cycling as a healthy recreational activity and sport. We are a certified Bike Friendly Business with the League of American Bicyclists. Our company is a proud sponsor of Team Oakland Cycling and participates in local events. We support our local bike coalitions and help fund transportation alternatives locally. By cycling to work, each person keeps approximately 2600 lbs. of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere annually. That’s like planting 86 trees! We also carpool and use a hybrid vehicle for light trips. By taking Fridays off of site work, we will reduce even more and help ease traffic congestion.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

We have installed award-winning Energy Efficient retrofits and Renewable Energy Systems at several businesses and farms to help them save on energy costs. At our own location we have achieved a 79% reduction on our utility bills by installing energy efficient lighting in our facility and continue to monitor and streamline our usage. Our office runs on solar power with a battery backup. Having an off-grid mobile unit is handy in case of emergency power outages. We design and install solar PV systems on and off-grid in order to promote clean and renewable energy.


Water Smart Business

We have been certified as a Water Smart Business by Ebmud since 2019, recognized as saving hundreds of gallons of water per year. We have implemented water saving retrofits throughout our building and installed a grey water system to feed several trees in front of our building which attracts birds and pollinators to Alameda Point.


Donations to Sustainable Organizations

In our commitment to support our community we donate to local organizations that help the community and the environment.