This 6 kW VS - SVE - 200cfm Trailer is our most mobile off-Grid Soil Vapor Extraction System.  It is a self-contained and self-standing turn-key remediation system ready to run on delivery.  This SVE trailer has 12 - 420w Mission Solar panels making it a 6KW power generator that runs the blowers with the available sun light. Deployment only takes a few minutes with its built-in winch.  A jack at every corner of the trailer gives the system stability. This particular system has a 5 well manifold and two blowers with a blower selector switch to run either High Vacuum or High flow depending on site conditions.  Online monitoring and data recording helps save time and money on operating costs.  
Standard Equipment:

  • Busch 1102BV Vacuum Pump
  • 135 CFM @ 27in. of Hg
  • Pentair SST55 6.2 HP
  •  High Efficiency SST55 Blower, 200cfm @ 90 in. of Water
  • Custom powder-coated Steel water Knock out tank with high level alarm
  • Digital display flowmeter
  • Digital display vacuum sensor
  • Fully automatic control Panel
  • Telemetry- flow and vacuum
  • Remote ON and OFF