Clean Harbors is a leading environmental, energy and industrial service company with over 35 years in business and a network of over 400 service locations in North America and growing. This particular Clean Harbors location is about 5,000 sq ft. It requires a lot of lighting and the electrical bills were quite high. To keep expenses down a solution was needed.
Sustainable Technologies performed an energy efficiency audit and installed 176 LED fixtures, 25 pole mounted lights, 41 office troffers with motion sensors, 23 bathroom fixtures, 11 lab surface fixtures and vapor tight fixtures outdoors. The outdoor fixtures increased the lighting while saving 66% of the energy usage.
By switching to LEDs, the company will reduce energy consumption by 66%, saving $15,500 a year. The lights themselves are expected to last beyond 100,000 hours (11 years) which makes it an excellent investment. The payback is 4 years or less, and qualifies for a 26% federal tax credit. The new lighting has improved safety, morale and productivity of the employees. 


In 2016, Sustainable Technologies installed energy efficiency lighting at the Clean Harbors Lenfest Rd. facility which received an award for the Highest Percentage of Annual Savings for Troffer Lighting Retrofits - Medium Project from the DOE Interior Lighting Campaign.