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Make the Switch to Energy Efficiency


Switch to new energy efficient lighting! This is a Claris LED Retrofit Kit from LED Living Technology. LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting which can reduce your energy bill significantly. Energy efficiency retrofits are eligible for rebates of up to 50% and a 30% federal tax credit.

Our next project is to switch out 23 T12 8 foot lights (215 watts) for LED Strips that are 30 Watts each for an agricultural customer. Using about 13% of the energy that the T12’s use, estimated savings are projected to be 24 kWh per day and 720 kWh per month. We will also retrofit the evaporator fan motors and condenser fan motors. Estimated savings will be 214 kWh per day and 6,420 kWh per month. With a total of 7,140 kWh per month, this will be a significant reduction in our client’s monthly energy bill.

Call us today for an energy efficiency consultation. We can assist with the paperwork.

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